Walking in the magic town of San Cristobal de las Casas

San Cristobal de las Casas is a beautiful and unique experience in the heart of the Lacandona jungle, and although there are local political conflicts in this region of Mexico, this town is a safe place to visit. The people of San Cristobal welcome you!


Do you know what a seagull told to another seagull?

DSC_0016I went to San Diego to test my new camera at the beach. While I was adjusting my picture settings, two seagulls arrived next to me. I know they were talking about me because their eyes were pointing to my face. Of course, they were chatting in seagull language! Since I don’t have seagull’s language translator, I tried to understand their thoughts by looking to their eyes. Probably, one of the seagulls said, “hey, you brother, look that creature!”. The other seagull answered, “Yes! I know that he is seeing us now, but I don’t see any food with him. Well, we tried at least.. Let’s fly to look for more food!. Then, they flew away, so I stayed there, at the beach, thinking about those eyes that were asking me for food..

A short story about a brave honey bee

little-honey-bee_00438289When I see the flying bees, I imagine their thoughts inside their little brains. “Let’s go to work!”, probably the bee yells. Meanwhile, she is flying from one flower into another flower to collect her daily part of nectar. Then, I think that she says, “today, I am going to impress my Queen with all the nectar that I will bring to our honeycomb. But, I must be brave to defend our territory if we need to go to war against the hornets or any other enemy. Yes! I have ready my powerful sting to defend my Queen and to give my life for her..”. No doubt, that is a brave honey bee! If this story looks alike to the our life, it is purely coincidental.

Vagabond all the way

Train Tracks

Whenever I see train tracks, I remember Facundo Cabral. He was an extraordinary author from Argentina.  In one occasion, he talked about his experiences as a wanderer that walked along the railway in Argentina. Let me tell you that this is a real story that gave him the experience of living without material possessions or money.

Only in that way, he could feel that his artistic career was consistent with the message of his songs, like the message in his song “I’m not from here, nor am I from there”(No soy de aquí, ni soy de allá). The truth is that he became a vagabond-singer that traveled through many countries. Moreover, he received the affection and recognition of millions of the people in Latin America.

It is not necessary to go as vagabonds along the train tracks to be able to focus on our own loneliness. Sometimes, loneliness is a good experience that can help us recognize what we want for our lives. If we can disconnect our emotions from our daily life, we could find within our thoughts the needed route to reach our goals. Are you ready to take a trip alone to clear your mind?