Look who’s using my car as a toilet!

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Yes. You are who is nesting on the trees that are over my car’s parking. However, I don’t care because you make me happy everyday when I see you flying from one tree to another tree. Moreover, I like to hear when you are calling the other doves around the trees. I feel you as a part of my family, and I want that your family stays here for generations to come. Thank you for bring me nature each day of my life.



Goodbye old tree


Tree, I believe that you arrived to the end of your life. Symbolically, I want to thank you for giving us the shadow of your branches to protect us from the sun’s rays and the rain.


I know it is very difficult to understand what you feel because my mind is limited to my human experience. I just know that you are pure energy that helps to purify the spirit of all those around you. For that reason, thank you for completing the cycle of life.



If this tree could talk


If this tree could talk, probably he would say these words:

Do not judge only for what you see. I am still alive! Soon, I will be green again and my seeds will sprout stronger than myself. Wait and you will see how we will change the world.

…and the day that humanity will disappear from earth, their seeds will sprout again.