The most pure energy in the universe

In the beginning of our known universe there was nothing. Then, by the power of the word, the big bang brought us all kind of energies and elements. And, life was created by the love of the word. And, this love is so powerful that we can experience and follow the path of God through the love that we share to all around us. We can feel love, but there is no way to measure it. We can say that is very strong, however only when is shared we can see its real effects in our lives. By love, we can cure our soul and body since it is pure energy from the word that created all. Through love, it is possible to cut the pain of living in the emptiness of the heart. Thus, to recover that original love, we should become like children. They have the true love that existed from the beginning of our universe. Of course, there are many ways to express what we believe about what is love. However, we should always live in love to get our own conclusions.


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