Do you know what a seagull told to another seagull?

DSC_0016I went to San Diego to test my new camera at the beach. While I was adjusting my picture settings, two seagulls arrived next to me. I know they were talking about me because their eyes were pointing to my face. Of course, they were chatting in seagull language! Since I don’t have seagull’s language translator, I tried to understand their thoughts by looking to their eyes. Probably, one of the seagulls said, “hey, you brother, look that creature!”. The other seagull answered, “Yes! I know that he is seeing us now, but I don’t see any food with him. Well, we tried at least.. Let’s fly to look for more food!. Then, they flew away, so I stayed there, at the beach, thinking about those eyes that were asking me for food..


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