The Colors of Life

northern-lightsI see the light and I ask to myself, how many secrets are in a single ray of light? Today, we have many answers thanks to many people who through science gives us some interpretations to what light is. As an example, one interpretation states that light is energy that is capable to carry information.
Without light, life would be extremely different in our planet. Probably, many creatures could have found ways to produce their own light like many weird creatures in deep-sea. In fact, we know that colors are visible due to the different frequencies that the energy is producing.
At this point, you could be asking, is this a science lesson?. No way! This article is just to never forget that life is in some way is like light, and  the color of life will depend on the emotions. Thus, the emotions could be interpreted by observing our light. And, all the life is in some way recorded in the light forever.


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