First anniversary of Verde Holistico!

Image courtesy of Dan /

Today, I am very happy because my blog Verde Holistico has reached the first anniversary of sending a message of hope and faith to everyone. It’s incredible! I can not believe that I am still here since Verde Holistico started just as an experiment to learn how to create web sites and to open my creativity on WordPress. First, my first topics were about nature and its influence on our lives. Then, the purpose of my posting drastically changed when I knew that my writing was reaching the hearts of many followers and other visitors. I found that just some words can change many lives in many ways. Thus, my new topics have messages of faith, hope, and respect to nature since I believe that this is one key to improve our existence. I never expected that my blog, Verde Holistico, would be open with a stable flow of visitors. Of course that I am more happy when more people reads my posting, however I am happy too when any of my pictures or the content of my writing reached the heart of my readers. Thank you to all my followers and visitors for this years of wonderful experiences!


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