No pain, no gain

DSC00171Hello! Let me tell you that after some weeks of reorganizing my mind, I found that my blog got more followers from around the world. Thus, I feel now more gratified to continue sharing my ideas with all the visitors in this blog. Therefore, I am here again to continue with this wonderful topic of learning from nature and live holistically.
One key-point of living holistically is recognizing the time to renew our feelings and thoughts. I am mentioning these points because most people just take care of their physical bodies but they forget of taking care of what is inside their minds. That is the reason of many failures to keep a healthy life. However, renewing our minds is not an easy task. Sometimes, we must demolish the past to become a new self.
Observing the nature, we can see that destruction through fire is a very common way to renew life. This form of renewal looks very painful, but it is a way to get rid of wasteful materials that obstruct a healthy evolution. Someone said, “No pain, no gain”, but pain must be followed by a renewal to become a better being, more powerful than ever.


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