Hello! Once again, thanks to all who have been following me! Although I have been a bit on silence during this month, I have been working on my new projects to improve my web sites. Just to give you an idea, I had a trip that helped me to clear my mind and organize my next projects. During this trip, I observed how we, as humans, tend to recreate nature through artificial ways. I found a volcano, cascades, and beautiful trees. Nevertheless, all these things were artificial.
Then, I had the thought that we, like the magicians, can create an illusion that makes people feel relaxed. Let me tell you that this trip had positive results in my adventuring mind. However, there is nothing compared with the real creation of Mother Nature. Therefore, I have decided that my next trip will be outdoors, more close to nature to elevate my spirit. So, please stay with me for more details of my next trip.

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