Who is working in this photo?

DSC00027 (1)

Look at the picture to see who is working already. If you do not see them, let me give you a clue. They carry the pollen from flower to flower. In addition, they produce a delicious and healthy food. Yes! They are our friends, the bees!

We can learn many lessons from these little creatures such as their hard work and sacrifice to serve their cause. By the way, we should be observing the change of their production cycles since that can give us some clues about the weather changes; do not forget that bees have their own senses to detect weather changes.

Moreover, they play an important role on the world’s ecosystem since they live in harmony with plants and flowers. If you see bees around, you should be moving away from their path to avoid interruption of their important labor. Never attack them! They are our friends! We should be thanking them for their honeycomb honey.


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