To the mother who lost her six years old child

After having a sad day for learning about the misfortune of the children who died in Connecticut, I want to tell you a story that happened to me.

One day, a woman told me that she had a son called Noé, just like me, and that for this time; he would have been my same age. Sadly, she told me that she did not understand why her son, who was just 6 years old, had died by unknown medical causes. ” He was a very good boy with a good heart, we never knew why he died”, she told me. At that moment, her other sons who were present during our conversation began to worry because she was taking my time with all her questions.

However, it was fine to me so I said, “Your child, who died at such a young age, had a heart full of good feelings. I believe that he already ascended to a higher spiritual level. It is time to stop your sadness. You must be sure that you will see him again and he will show you all his love for you. On the other hand, we still here, trapped in this life, with too much to learn”. We continue talking until she smiled at me and said goodbye. For this reason, I believe that she is now living with more faith, knowing that her son is fine on a better life.

bub and mum


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